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Filmmaker Chloe Keleny and artist Pie Herring met each other whilst travelling in Lamu, Kenya in 2021. 


They didn’t know it at the time but their instant connection and similar creative passions would set them on course to travel the world in a bid to tell unique stories through art and film.


Explore the artists works below

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A Lamu Story

In 2022, Chloe filmed and produced Finding Tike, set on Lamu island, Kenya.

The film explores the journey Pie took to find and paint a fisherman with whom she had previously seen a year before. It takes an unexpected turn when we learn of the true and heartwarming nature of this fisherman called Master Tike. 

Painting Marrakech

In 2023, Chloe and Pie set their sites on Morocco. 
This film explores themes of self-identity within travel and art. It follows Pie as she paints her way around Marrakech, learning and reflecting on her own life in the process.

It is our hope that these films and paintings will inspire people to go out into the world, to explore, learn and physically connect with others. 


Chloe and I are completely dedicated to what we do and the people that we meet. You can trust in us to respect the process, the people and the cultures we interact with.

Since I have began travelling and painting people it has been an important factor for me to thank the countries that have welcomed me in. This has lead me to see that a large portion of the sales of my works go to supporting organisations such as Anidan Children’s Orphanage in Lamu, The Milgis Trust in Samburu county, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Naivasha, and a local orphanage in Marrakech called Centre Fiers et Forts. 

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