Pie Herring is a London-based artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 with a First-Class honours degree in painting. Pie’s work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions. Notable highlights include the ‘Young London Painters’ group show in November 2018 and the Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries Exhibition 2019 where she was awarded the Carnegie scholarship. 

Predominantly working in oils, Pie’s paintings depict tender portrayals of human and societal issues. Interested in the deconstruction and removal of paint, pie strips background information to place emphasis on interrelationship and emotion. Each piece begins with a dynamic landscape of paint, large brushstrokes move widespread across the canvas, and puddles of turps dry to form unpredictable meandering marks. The figural composition is then considered in relation to this field of paint. Her practice continues to explore the synergy of gestural mark-making and more detailed brushwork.


First Class BA (HONS) ART: Edinburgh College of Art

Shillington College of Graphic Design Graduate

Wellington College, Berkshire


2020: Special Award Winner of ArtJobs, Artist of the Month

2019: Winner of the RSA Carnegie Scholarship 

2014: Winner of the Plaistowe Art Prize

2008: Awarded an art exhibition to Wellington College


2020: ArtJobs, Artist of the Month

2020: The Evening Standard, Join the Creatives

2020: WhyNow Open House Episode 1: Pie Herring 

2020: Takeda, 'IamNumberSeventeen'

2019: Channel 4, 'Flawless'

2019: Hill+Knowlton Strategies, 'Doors of Opportunity'

2018: Hector Campbell, Art Historian 'Young London Painter's Interview'

2018: Bond Street Press, 'See Fashion Celebrate Art- Video Interview with Alice Temperley'

2017: Edinburgh Student Newspaper '50 Hilarious Things to Say to Girls on the Street'

Public Commissions

2019: Doors of Opportunity, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, London

2018: Live Painting in celebration of the Royal Academy's 250th Anniversary, Temperley London, London